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First 50k This Weekend!

I signed up for my first 50k this weekend and am excited. Nervous anxious excited. The good news is today starts carb-loading. I have a healthy meal plan I am following:

Pizza, tacos, ice cream, chips and large Italian sandwiches… and a bowl of pasta for good measure.

I have no doubt that I will finish, how quickly and in what shape remains unclear. My realistic expectation is to stay under 7 hours, but who knows, 6:30 might be possible given the conditions of weather and how I wake-up feeling. The body is sometimes a mystery. Sometimes everything clicks and running is effortless (as is life). Other times, we have to carry ourselves through the motions.

The race is in Brooksville, FL, a little north of Tampa. The trails are supposed to be beautiful and the weather will be cooler than Palm Beach, at least a little. It will be two 16 mile loops for me. I might end up stopping at 31 miles though, and ask for my metal since I only trained for 31, the one extra mile could be too much.

I was originally going to do my first 50k the following week, but my body and mind are ready. No sense in delaying when extra training can only get me injured. I have gone a little OCD in planning, without actually physically doing anything. A little OCD for me is making a list and checking it twice.


  • Bodyglide
  • Marker


  • Chair
  • Cooler
  • Water
  • Isa fuel- x10
  • Isa hydration- x5
  • Vest x2
  • Bladder
  • Watch
  • Bag with paper towel
  • Salt tabs
  • tums
  • Flip-Flips/Crocs
  • Headphones

Drop Bag:

  • Isa fuelx6
  • Isa hydrationx3
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Anti-chafe
  • Skittles
  • Headphones
  • Vest
  • Portable battery
  • Eye drops
  • Headphones
  • e+

Running Clothes:

  • 2xu or Saucony shorts
  • Long sleeve race shirt
  • Nike running shorts
  • Short sleeve running t
  • Warm-up jacket
  • warm-up pants


When 7 miles feels like 70

I run when it comes easy, I run when it is tough, I run when I feel tired, I run after I have had enough.


I run through the bad running days to get to the good ones.

Running is kind of like fishing in my experience. People fish through hundreds of bad days, for the one great day. I run through the tough days, so that I am stronger and able to enjoy future runs. I have had a few great days when I feel light and motion is effortless. You never know when the good day is going to come, so you have to get out as much as possible!

The past two running weeks have been a struggle. I have lost motivation to do my 50k, questioned why I signed up for a marathon, but I wake up at 5:30 each day and stick to my plan.

Why? Because I said I was going to, and I want to prove I can. I told 100 people I was going to do a 50k, but most importantly I told myself. There is no option to turn back now. I am well past the Rubicon, the point of no return. There is no sense looking back, just at one foot as it lands in front of the other, often sloshing with sweat and tears.

My first miles today felt like my shoes were cinder blocks. The rain did not help my mental state. I pushed onward into the darkness.

Mile 3 to 3.5 I was biting my lip. It felt like I was barely moving and going to collapse.

Mile 3.5 to 6.5 I completely zoned out.

At 6.5 everything started to click. Endorphins started kicking in and I picked up the pace.

Running is a struggle, but I find moments of peacefulness in motion, where I feel completely immersed in my surroundings. It is as if I am right where I am supposed to be, and nothing else matters. I run for these moments. Sometimes they are a second long, other times the seconds turn into minutes.

Sometimes that moment doesn’t come, but the feeling of completing a run when your body wanted to quit yet your mind won the battle is a victory to be appreciated.



First Long Run After Being Sick 10/1/16

My 7 Month Training Plan…Can I do it? Do I want to?



HI WORLD! My name is Jared Hill. I have recently embarked on a journey to become an endurance athlete. No, I do not want to be the best, nor do I want to be one of the best. In this race my only competitor is myself. I am learning the ins and outs of running: the gear, my body and my mind. Follow me along my path, there will surely be some chuckles in-route.

My Method:

I love to learn as much as I can about my interests. I do so in 3 ways.

  1. I find experts (anyone willing to share, ideally people I think are doing it right) and ask them tons of questions until I think they are getting annoyed with me. Then I leave them alone for a few days…until I have some more questions. I extract information from people they didn’t even consciously know they knew.
  2. I read. I google and re-google everything imaginable about what I want to learn. I read for days, usually months, about what people say is “true” and “the best.”
  3.  I try. I try what I read, and I try the opposite. I believe almost nothing without personal experience. This can be problematic, but ensures something…what it ensures I cannot put my finger on, yet something it ensures none the less.

If you have read this far: Thank you, for your reading this gives my writing a purpose, although writing this amuses me too.


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