I took a hiatus from clean eating over the past 6 months. My favorite foods include high authentic tacos, high quality donuts and  nitrogen ice cream. I have a great appreciation for artisan breads and all types of sandwiches. After completing my first 50k and then a trail half marathon, I stopped training. As my miles decreased, my body fat percentage increased incrementally.

I started reading and listening to podcasts on nutrition. I heard biologist Dr. Rhonda Patrick discussing the association between carbs and inflammation throughout the body. With that inflammation comes a host of negative health effects. As 90% of neurotransmitters (serotonin=feel good chemicals, dopamine=reward signals, norepinephrine, etc.) exist in the gut, and are transported throughout the vegas nerve, gut health is significantly correlated with feeling good physically as well as psychologically.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a genius.  Here is a short video describing the link between inflammation and depression. Checkout her website https://www.foundmyfitness.com/ for more.

Then I listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with Mark Sisson (http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/mark-sisson), a former competitive marathon runner who spoke about sugar dependence being the devil of modern day society. He is in his 60’s and shredded. My general rule is don’t take fitness and diet advice from someone you don’t want to look like.

50 years ago, the sugar industry paid scientists to promote propaganda that animal fat was the source of health problems. This was interwoven with the idea that cholesterol was related to heart disease (completely unfounded). This is when low-fat food started to emerge. As you can see, people are still fat! We need cholesterol for several physiological processes that are essential to health.

After reading Mark’s book, Primal Blueprint, eliminating grains from diet, eating plenty of fats (including animal fat, sorry vegans), unlimited vegetables, some fruit, and a healthy dose of protein, leads to controlled weight, delayed aging, greater energy levels as well as improved mental health.

The standard American diet has conditioned us to eating mostly carbs from birth, and therefore we are dependent on them. Put simply, our bodies convert carbs to sugar. Sugar causes an insulin spike, with is your bodies signal to store fat. The more carbs we eat, the more we become insulin resistant, and the more the body releases. The insulin receptors start to down regulate (not work anymore), having deleterious impacts on the body like type II diabetes. These insulin spikes make us hungry 30 minutes after high carb meals. Former research biologist Robb Wolf is also an advocate of a similar paleo-ish diet. checkout his page. https://robbwolf.com/ and podcasts.

So here is what I am eating: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-blueprint-shopping-list/

Supposedly it takes about 5 weeks for the body to learn how to work off of fat again. Running has been challenging, and there have been some craving, but I am sticking to it. I will keep posting updates as I learn more.

In 4 weeks I have lost 4 lbs of body fat. I am down to 17%. Feeling good is the goal, the abs to come are a bonus (or vice versa).

I still eat well. I will be updating recipes at www.hook2table.wordpress.com sporadically.