In the last two months, I have had 76 salads with grilled chicken on top. Grilled chicken Cezar Salad (Hispanic cousin of Cesar), curry chicken salad salad, chicken salad salad, turkey on salad (might as well be chicken), blacked chicken salad, southwest chicken salad, fattoush salad with chicken. I have also had four grilled fish salads. The sight of a salad to me is like hearing that one song on the radio that they play on all the stations, every ten minutes (it hurts my ears?). My arm is tired of forking lettuce into my mouth


Why have I been doing this you might ask? I am not completely sure sure, but I kinda know. I mean, I don’t know know, but I know per se.

I have been on a mission to lower my body fat percentage for two months. I would like to see if visible abs is attainable in my bloodline; heavy cream in their coffee, hot chocolate fudge eating, hot dog competition competing, 1850 modeled physique type people. I am sure at some point, the goal was to fatten up to stay warm for the winter, back in the old country. I have already proclaimed myself as “Person in the Best Shape Ever,” for both sides of my family tree. I digress…


My goal is to get to 10% BF.

Logically, any less weight to carry while running would make the feat easier.

I have been eating 5 egg whites for breakfast, a cup of oatmeal, and a protein shake. Lunch, my chicken salads. Dinner, 2 roasted chicken breast or steak (or both) lots of vegetables, and sometimes a sweet tater or brown rice. I consume two more 30g protein shakes throughout my day. I also have a few handfuls of nuts and a tablespoon or two of peanut butter. When I am a good boy, I treat myself to a cup of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt. Oh how I spoil myself rotten!


It might seem like a disgusting amount of protein liquid, but thinking about it, if I wasn’t consuming these, I would instead be munching on Cheetos (more likely SunChip or Cheez-Its), donuts and ice cream.

Naturally, all the liquid sometimes wants to leave my body as quickly as it flows in, thus Imodium on hand is essential (it is essential regardless). I have yet to shit myself, although I hear several running horror stories with just that happening. Overall, my body has adapted pretty well to my diet, and my stomach usually feels better than it did before.

As a foodie though, I am tired of eating the same thing! I am tired of eating the same things. I am tired of eating the same things… Did I mention I am tired of eating the same things.


I have lost six pounds total in eight weeks. My BFP has gone from 20 to 15.7. I have gained 3.1 lbs of muscle, and lost 7.9 lbs of pure body fat.




The numbers aren’t bad right?

Well I feel defeated that I have not done enough. I wanted to be at 13% even 14% by now. When I got my final results today I thought I might as well start eating what I want again, because these two months have proved nothing, I failed.

I have determine that being unhappy with the way you look in the mirror is a universal human trait. No matter what, there is always room for improvement. I have found a solution…avoid mirrors and scales all together. Psychology studies have even found that avoiding mirrors boosts self esteem. Mirrors are everywhere though, my gym has about 55. I once avoided mirrors for a whole day, but then one caught me when I wasn’t even looking. Facebook and other social media is just one big mirror that pits everyone who hates how they look against each other to compare their one good feature. What else is there to do when we are waiting for our food, have nothing to do at work, are on the potty, etc? What does the middle ground between a small bodybuilder and an ultra runner look like? I have no idea, I have yet to see the cookie cutter at the store. The face of the book isn’t all that is important right? Its the whole body book, yet the body is superficial in itself. We are socially wired to like better looking bodies so really that’s a load a bullshit, appearance does matter, but I am getting offtrack…

A month ago, I made a huge jump from 20% BF to 16%, thus I was expecting to do just as well this month. I lost .7 lbs of muscle in the last two weeks, yet lost fat, but I LOST muscle.

My reaction is clearly an effect of what psychologists call framing. If I was to tell myself that over two months I would gain muscle and lose a ton of fat, it would seem great. Framed with the fact that in the last two weeks I lost a tiny bit of BFP but also lost muscle, even if the overall result was a net positive, it seems inferior.

“Interesting,” I think to myself with my index finger on my chin.

Ideally I want to gain muscle while losing fat, which is extremely difficult. I just wish I had been on a more linear path, and not had the .7 muscle loss for my peace of mind.

What do I do now?

I am trying to decide what cheat meal to eat. Do I eat a donut, frozen yogurt, dare I try cake? I do love flan and natilla. I haven’t even eaten real bread in as long as I can remember. A starving African child wouldn’t even eat that sprouted Ezekiel grain crap; it does not qualify as bread as far as I am concerned.

Deciding what I want to eat for my cheat treat is like picking a movie from Netflix. You go through the choices for hours, to decide you cannot make a decision, and end up watching nothing.

Suggestions welcome.

Decision: I will continue on this eating regimen for as long as I can, eating 1 meal of my choosing per month. We will monitor progress on some sort of basis.

Ranter Out!