Yes I run, but I am also at the gym at least 3 days a week. My goal is to not look emaciated, and maintain an upper body. We will see how this goes in due time.


PL06713-00...WASHINGTON - Running track. Holga pinhole image.

I have just started training for the Miami Marathon at the end of January, and the DTR 50k (should training go well) in April.

Right now I am running between 4 and 6 miles on Monday

Tuesday: 6-7 miles at Quiet Waters park with the 954 DTR crew on the mountain bike trails. (Its a workout, all are welcome to come out 6:30 PM Tuesdays and Thursday…last one there carries the 50lb water cooler the whole way)

Wednsday: Rest

Thursday: 4-7 miles Quiet Waters or now Dyer Park Mountain Bike Trails

Friday: Rest or Cross Train

Saturday-Sunday: Long Run Between 10 and 20 miles

My distances will increase as my training progresses.


weight-room (1)

I typically do 10 sets of 8 to 12 reps per body part. For legs, I like to do sets of 15, so I am building lean muscle. It is very hard to lift with your legs after already being sore from running, but it definitely pays off in the long run…I think (I hope)

Saturday: Chest (Legs if I don’t run)

  • flat bench, incline bench, dumbbell press, fly, cable fly and press

Sunday: Back & Abs (Legs if I don’t run)

  • lots of pullups, rows of all kinds, rear delt

Monday: Arms

  • dumbbell curls, barbell curls, cable curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, did I mention curls?
  • Tricep pulldowns with rope and bars, dips

Wednesday: Legs & Abs

  • single leg leg-press
  • bar squats
  • lunges
  • single leg calf raises

Friday: Legs