Perhaps I am running from something. Running from my past: past events, past people, past emotions.

More than likely I am running to something. To feel a sense of accomplishment. To meet new people. Running to see new places, beautiful places. I am running to see places I have been before with new perspective. I am Running to see how far my body and mind will let me go.

Metaphorically running is a lot like life. The goal is to keep moving forward, one day, or one step at a time. Increasing distance can take time, as growth often does.

I have always enjoyed competition, but not in the common sense of the term. While being pitted against another is invigorating, the competition that drives me comes from a fire within… The fire comes in waves. At times it weans down to an ember that burns my soul to remind me that I am never enough, I can’t get enough, I will never be enough. The embers then flare up, illuminating my entire being with the feeling that I have the capacity to achieve what once felt impossible. There is something I want to prove to myself…better yet something I want to learn about myself. As running any distance of significance is as much mental as physical, it forces me to delve into the deepest regions of my mind. I learn about its processes, and how to better navigate the route to positive outcomes in the future.

I run because it feels good. Or does it? Physiologically and psychologically, running releases endorphin’s. Long distance cardio releases serotonin which makes us feel good. This in turn, reduces depression. Dopamine response leads to runner’s high. Pushed past comfort however, these positive feelings quickly dissipate.

WHY? For most good questions there is not one definite answer, but instead many answers, all of which are true in some respect, some more so at time than others.